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Seedbed preparation

Dal-bo offers a wide range of high qaulity seedbed preparation equipment:

  • Rollomaximum XL
  • Culti Max
  • Culti Lift
  • Culti Trail

Rollomaximum XL is a single pass seedbed preparation implement providing a high performance quality. DAL–BO engineers designed this cultivator as a combination of rollers, a tine cultivator and a crackerboard with a 3-section hydraulic folding frame. Hydraulic weight distribution among the sections ensures even soil cultivation irrespective of the ground surface, comes as standard.

A crackerboard with spring tines and hydraulic working depth adjustment is mounted in front of the unit. Manual adjustment of the working angle (aggressiveness). The parallelogram mechanism unsures that the angle remains unchanged when the working depth is changed. It is followed by a Crosskill ring (53/48 cm) with a specific spring suspension which effectively protects rings, shafts and bearings from exposure to stones. In case of a light soil, a cage roller (50 cm) can be used instead of the Crosskill ring. A curved tine cultivator is mounted in the middle part of the unit. The tines are placed in 4 rows with 80 mm spacing between them and 300 mm spacing between the rows. Each section has its own parallelogram-shaped linkage. The working depth of the sections can be adjusted mechanically, using a rear roller. There is a levelling board behind the tine cultivator, the working depth is adjusted mechanically. There is a Crosskill ring (Ø50/45 cm) packer roller at the back of the cultivator. In case of a light soil, a cage (Ø45 cm) roller can be used instead of a packer.


Model Working width (cm) Weight (kg) crosskill/cage roller  Transporting width (m) Transporting height (m) Tractor power (hp) Wheels and tyres
Rollomax XL - 620                                            620 6150/ 4900 3,0 4,0 150 - 200 520/ 50 -  17" twin
Rollomax XL - 930 930 10470/ 8600 3,0 4,0 from 275 600/ 50 - 22.5 twin
Rollomax XL - 1230                          1230 12970/ 10370 3,0 4,0  from 350 710/ 40 - 22,5 twin


Culti Max is a heavy duty 7-row tine cultivator which is ideal for preparing tillage for sowing cereals, potatoes, maize, sugar-beets, etc. The working depth is adjusted hydraulically by means of hydraulic cylinders for support wheel lifting (inserts of variable thickness). Cultivators can be attached to a tractor, and they have hydraulic folding sections. Range of the working depth: from 1 to 10 cm. There is a hydraulically adjustable aggressive tine crackerboard in front of the cultivator. Road lights. Sections during transportation are fixed by automatic hydraulic locks. 8 cm spacing between the curved tines (45 x 10 mm) ensures high-quality performance.

Optional equipment:
·         rear tine (Ø 12 mm) harrow;
·         rear cage (400 mm) cracker roller;
·         rear crackerboard with spring tines (hydraulic);
·         rear cracker roller (400 mm);
·         rear roller with Crosskill rings;
·         spare support wheel;
·         rear shaft;
·         double wheels between the cultivator and the roller;
·         support wheel track eradicators;
·         brakes.

Model Working width (m) Transporting width (m) Number of tines (gab)  Weight (kg) Tractor power (hp)
CM 550 5,5 3 72 2850 100
CM 650 6,5 3 81 3260 140
CM 800 8 3 100 3600 170
CM 900 9 3 113 4000 220
CM 1000             10 4 124 4400 280


Culti Lift is a heavy duty mounted cultivator. A one-piece front levelling bar is followed by 4 rows of 45 x 10 mm curved tines. 8 cm spacing between the tines ensures high-quality seedbed preparation. There is a 400 mm cage roller behind the tine rows which also serves as the working depth adjustment device.

Optional equipment:
·         Crosskill (Ø 500 / Ø 450 mm) cracker roller (instead of the cage roller);
·         1-row tine (12 mm) harrow;
·         rear levelling bar;
·         support wheels (for CL 600);
·         hydraulic control of the front levelling bar;
·         track eradicators;
·         road lights.

Model Working width (m) Transporting width (m) Number of tines (gab) Weight (kg) Tractor power (ZS)
Culti Lift 500 5 3 63 2225 100
Culti Lift 600 6 3 75 2500 125
Culti Lift 800 8 3 100 2975 170


Culti Trail is a heavy duty mounted cultivator with curved tines in 5 rows. Spacing between the rows — 40 cm. Spacing between the tines — 8 cm. It is possible to use straight tines (45 x 10 mm) instead of the standard curved ones (45 x 10 mm). Such tine placement ensures high-quality seedbed preparation. Hydraulically adjustable crackerboard is fitted in front of the cultivator followed by the curved tine rows and a 1-row tine harrow. The working depth is adjusted via the lifting cylinder stroke limiter.

Optional equipment:
·         Crosskill (Ø 330 / 300 mm) cracker-roller behind the tine rows;
·         levelling bar before the Crosskill roller;
·         straight tines (45 x 10 mm) instead of the curved ones.

Model Working width (m) Transporting width (m) Number of tines(gab) Weight (kg) Tractor power (hp)
Culti Trail 500 5 2,5 63 2120 100
Culti Trail 600 6 2,5 77 2305 125