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Measuring tools

INTRAC Eesti is the official representative of Haglof Sweden and Tarmet Oy to Estonia offering:

  • Distance measuring devices
  • Height meter
  • Calipers;
  • Electronic diameter measuring devices;
  • Devices for determination of the basal area of a forest stand;
  • Increment borers;
  • Mantax marking systems;
  • Timber marking tape.

Walktax distance measuring tools

The Walktax thread meter is standard equipment for foresters around the world. This is also a classic instrument for reliable and convenient outdoor distance measurements. The Walktax has a high-quality mechanical counter that ensures reliable measurement results. With a simple and smart construction, the Walktax is indispensible for work in landscape controls, road construction and cruising. 


Mantax Digitech caliper
The Mantax Digitech® II MD II is a new caliper hybrid, designed for efficient field data collection and wireless Bluetooth® communication. The MD II is lightweight, rugged and field adapted and offers great user advantages. The MD II caliper is designed for easy collection and storing of  many thousands of trees with data on species, diameters and heights. It is versatile and settings can be adjusted according to operators’ preference. Data fields can be activated or moved for improved adaptability for the individual operator. The pocketsize MD II computer terminal (less than 140 g) can be detached from the measuring scale - convenient if you wish to bring the captured field data indoors for download to PC with USB communication cable.

Data can also be sent to handheld computers and Android mobiles or tablets. The communication is enabled through built-in Bluetooth® format that is available in most computers and Smartphones.  The MD II can also be used as a virtual keyboard to send wireless data to spreadsheets, mail or SMS. MD II Com communication program from Haglöf Sweden® can be used for quick and simple data transfer from MD II to PC. Name of tree species, cruising method and data interpretation from MD II are defined in MD II Com. Field data can be added to an object, and the program enables both complete cruising and sample plot survey. Data can be exported to Excel as a tab-separated txt-file or printed out as a list of trees in 1-, 2- or 4-cm classes with appurtentant sample trees and plot sample data. You can also choose to have the MD II send continuous field data with Bluetooth to the custom