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Hultdins grapples

Hultdins Super Grip works around the world in different conditions. These highly engineered grapples have excellent arm geometry with wide tip to tip opening and minimum closing dimensions. Our cushioned cylinders extend the grapple life, while offering a high gripping force and fast cycle times maximizing loading performance. 

Article Model Suitable for John Deere forwarders 
F067540 SG260 810E, 1010E, 1110E, 1210E, 1510E, 
810D, 1010D, 1110D, 1410D, 1490D
F067545 SG360 1110E, 1210E, 1510E, 1910E, 810D, 1010D, 1110D, 1410D, 1710D, 1490D
F067554 SG420 1910E, 1710D
F064330 SG520