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Dal-bo stubble implements

Dal-bo offers new generation high quality stubble implements for agriculture tasks:

  • Front Cultivator
  • Tri-Max
  • Dinco
  • AXR-H
  • Framer Disc
  • Maxi Disc
  • Super Max
  • Furrow Presses

Front Cultivator is a front mounted stubble cultivator for a wide range of applications. It is especially effective for the “double” cultivation of the stubble-field, when the Maxi Disc cultivators, for example, are mounted behind the tractor. This combination can be successfully applied also for grasslands and fields having a lot of plant residues. Blades (50 mm wide) have hydraulic protection against stones. The specific 2-D blade mounting system allows turning them horizontally by 20 cm, and vertically – by 30 cm. The working depth (up to 30 cm) is adjusted by support wheels and front linkage. To ensure smooth operation of the cultivator on the field, a chain of 20 mm is used instead of the upper 3-point linkage bar. Round cutting discs are fitted on both sides of the cultivator. Models 3 and 4 m have a single section, and 4 and 6 m are hydraulic folding models (model index H).

Model Working width (m) Number of tines (pcs) Weight (kg) Tractor power (hp)
Front Cultivator 300 3 9 2850 80
Front Cultivator 400 4 13 3260 100
Front Cultivator 400 H 4 13 3600 100
Front Cultivator 600 H 6 19 400 160


Tri-Max is a high performance stubble cultivator. Tines (working width of 320 mm) are placed in 3 rows. Spacing between the tines is 275 mm. The tines are shaped in such a way to ensure effective cultivation of stubbles and plant residues into the ground. Ground clearance of 85 cm ensures high-quality working depth of 25 cm. There is a row of curved discs behind the tines ensuring clod crushing of the cultivated soil and mixing it with the plant residues. The narrow tines of 50 x 20 mm are offered for the working depth of more than 30 cm instead of the standard tines. There is a T-disc roller behind the cultivator for the working depth adjustment and soil consolidation. The tines have 2 types of protection against stones: share-bolts (Classic) and specific hydraulic protection (Plus 2-D) allowing horizontal movements by 20 cm and vertical movements by 30 cm. T-disc roller is of Ø 600 mm. The frame is made of 100 x 100 x 6 mm material. Tri-Max 410 model has an especially wide T-disc roller of 70 mm.

Optional equipment:
·         steel cracker roller of 400 mm (for Tri-Max 300);
·         T-ring double packer roller of 600 mm.


Dinco mounted stubble cultivators for grassland fallow and corn stubble cultivation, with a possibility to work in slurry and manure while preparing soil for seeding. An innovative design and wide adjustment options ensure a precise working depth and smooth ground surface. The first 2 rows of tines (3 different models are possible) are protected against stones by share-bolts and hydraulic protection (U models). There is 1 row of curved discs (Ø 460 mm and manual adjustment) behind the tine rows. There are T-rings of 600 mm behind the cultivator. Heavy duty frame design of 100 x 100 x 6 mm material. Ground clearance is of 800 mm.
Tines of 480 mm working width, as standard (leave behind smooth ground). Alternatively, tines of 300 mm working depth can be used. If the soil is wet, it is recommended to use the narrow tines of 50 x 20 mm for deeper working depth.

Optional equipment:
·         cage roller of 400 mm;
·         tandem T-ring packer of 600 mm (for 3 m models);
·         external levelling discs;
·         road lights.

Model Working width (m) Transporting width (m) Number of tines (pcs) Number of discs (pcs) Weight (kg) Tractor power (hp)
D-300 3 3 7 6 1150 80-120
D-300 Ū             3 3 7 6 1340 80 - 120
D-470 4,7 3 11 10 2220 130-180
D-470 Ū  4,7 3 11 10 2375 130-180
D-560 Ū 5,6 3 13 12 2665 160-220


AXR – H is a mounted hydraulic folding disc cultivator with a heavy duty lattice frame on which 2 disc rows in X shape are mounted. There are curved, cogged discs in the first row, and curved, smooth discs in the second row (all discs are of 660 x 6 mm). The working angle is adjusted mechanically. The working depth is adjusted hydraulically. The T-ring (600 x 70 mm) packer roller carries out packing and levelling behind the discs. Specific weight per 1 ring is approximately 120 kg. Foldable sections in transport position are fixed by a hydraulic lock. Road lights. Specific design linkage bar.

Optional equipment:
·         hydraulic adjustment of working angle;
·         electric-hydraulic control;
·         shaft extension;
·         pneumatic brakes;
·         T-ring double packer.

Model Working width (m) Transporting width (m) Number of discs (gab) Weight (kg) Tractor power (hp)
AXR - H 400 4 3 36 4650 130 - 150
AXR - H 500 5 3 44 5050 150-170
AXR - H 600 6 3 52 5750 180-220


Farmer Disc is a classic mounted disc cultivator with 2 rows of curved and cogged discs (520 x 6 mm). Each disc is protected by an individual rubber support. The front disc row has a tilting angle of 14°, the second row — a tilting angle of 17°. A cage or T-ring packer roller serves for exact working depth adjustment and its control. It levels and consolidates the soil. The soil scrapper is fitted between both disc rows. Levelling discs are mounted at the sides. A 3-point linkage bar Cat. ll and lll. The working depth is adjusted mechanically.

Optional equipment:
·        flat steel cracker roller of 450 mm;
·        additional transport set (mounted version).

Model Working width (m) Transporting width (m) Number of discs (pcs) Weight (kg) Type
FD 300 C 3 3 22 1750 500 mm Cage roller
FD 300 T 3 3 22 1900 600mm T-ring roller


Maxi Disc is a disc cultivator intended for cultivation of both stubble and ploughed soil. 2 rows of curved and cogged discs (560 x 6 mm) turn the soil upside down and cultivate it. Discs are protected by individual rubber supports. The working angle of the disc shaft is hydraulically adjustable (from 0 to 20°). T-ring (600 mm) packer roller is fitted behind the discs, which helps to adjust the working depth. The soil scraper is mounted between the disc rows. Levelling discs are placed at the outer edges of the disc rows. Hydraulic depth adjustment for the mounted multi-section models. T-ring double packer roller of 600 mm for Maxi Disc 600 Exclusive; hydraulic crackerboard with spring tines; 4 support wheels; electric-hydraulic control system.

Optional equipment:
·         cage cracker roller of 450 mm (for 3 m model);
·         T-ring double packer roller of 600 mm (except 600 Exclusive);
·         2 additional support wheels (for mounted models);
·         electric-hydraulic control (for mounted models);
·         pneumatic brakes (for mounted models);
a possibility to equip with a pneumatic small seed seeder.

Model Working width (m) Transporting width (m) Number of discs (pcs) Weight (kg) Tractor power (hp)
MD 300 (mounted) 3 3 23 2100 100
MD 400 (mounted) 4 4 31 2780 120
MD 400 (semi-mounted) 4 2,9 31 5010 160
MD 500 (semi-mounted) 5 2,9 39 5470 180
MD 600 (semi-mounted) 6 2,9 47 5950 200
MD 600 "Exclusive" 6 3 47 7500 230


DAL-BO Super Max universal cultivators. New generation universal soil cultivators intended for seed bed preparation as one pass solution. 6 hydraulically protected tines in 2 rows cultivate soil, the working depth is adjusted mechanically (from 70 to 400 mm). 22 cogged and curved discs (Ø 520 mm) with individual rubber support for breaking-back from stones turn the cultivated soil and level it. Afterwards soil is rolled and compacted by a double D-ring packer roller. Hydraulic adjustment of the working depth is made by a packer roller. It is possible to choose T-ring tandem packers of Ø 600 or 800 mm instead of the double D-packer.

Working width (m) Number of legs (gab) Number of discs (gab) Double-T Ø 600 mm weight (kg) Double-T Ø 800 mm weight (kg) Tractor power (hp) Transporting width (m)
2,5 4 18 2425 2625 170 2,7
3 6 22 2970 3200 200 3


Furrow Presses are mounted tillage levellers. They are mounted just behind the plough. They are equipped with 80 or 90 cm packer rings. Rings have a 30° profile for effective clod crushing and consolidation, as well as moisture is retained in the soil after ploughing. Equipped with a 3-point linkage; pulling bars (without expansion joints).

Optional equipment:
·         pulling bars with expansion joints;
·         levelling chains;
·         monolith smoothing harrow.