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Weed control

Kongskilde targets the development of agricultural tasks` development. Soil, Grass & Feeders:  Soil preparation from stubble to harvest and optimized machine chain from field to muzzle. Kongskilde develops methods and equipment for soil cultivation and plant care.


Inter-row cultivator VIBRO CROP Intelli.

With the Vibro Crop Intelli series Kongskilde offers a wide range of new intelligent solutions for farmers, providing increased capacity, precision, and easy usage. All these innovations improve the profitability and efficiency of mechanical row crop cleaning.

  VCOF 8-75 VCOF 12-50 VCOF 12-75 VCOF 18-50
Number of rows 8 12 12 18
Transporting width 2.50 m 2.50 m 3.00 m 3.00 m
Tine type Vibro-S VCO Vibro-S VCO
Number of tines 41 37 61 55
FS seed drill Papildus - Papildus -
Weight 1350 kg* 1572 kg* 2264 kg* 2600 kg*
* with harrow , without FS seed drill        


Inter-row cultivator VIBRO CROP – VCO/VCOF

Type VCO: Rigid frame
Type VCOF: Hydraulic folding frame
Kongskilde Vibro Crop combined with the vibrating S-tines and rolling shields provides the user with the maximum loosened area possible between the rows as well as maintaining a high working speed. Vibro Crop is designed to achieve high accuracy both above and below the working surface. Each individual unit is as a separate cultivator with its own depth adjusting wheel and parallelogram suspension. This ensures the operation of tines always at the right depth.

Inter-row cultivator VIBRO CROP VCR

The VCR – inter-row cultivator is available in configuration ranging from 4 to 12 rows, accommodating row spacing from 50 cm and wider. It is designed for high speed, high residue cultivation and with a wide range of optional tines to meet virtually any row crop cultivation. It also improves the soil’s ability to supply crops with water, air and nutrients while reducing the use of expensive chemicals. Kongskilde VCR can be used for growing beets, maize, beans, etc.

  VCR-5-438 VCR-5-656 VCRF-5-12110 VCRF-5-874
Working width 3.80 m 5.60 m 11.00 m 7.40 m
Number of rows 4 6 12 8
Support wheels 0 0 2 2
Number of tines 21 31 61 41
Transporting width 3.80 m 5.60 m 6.40 m 4.60 m