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Soil preparation

 Kongskilde targets the development of agricultural tasks` development.

Soil, Grass & Feeders:  Soil preparation from stubble to harvest and optimized machine chain from field to muzzle. Kongskilde develops methods and equipment for soil cultivation and plant care.



Combined cultivator VIBRO COMPACT

Vibro Compact is a combined cultivator with three rows of tines for application in light/medium heavy soils. The shallow working depth of the cultivator makes it suitable for use in combination with any type of seed drill, enabling two operations to be performed simultaneously.


Mounted cultivator VIBRO MASTER 

Kongskilde Vibro Master 3000 is a fully mounted seedbed cultivator equipped with vibrating tines, the working widths are from 6.5 to 8.3 m. It is intended for tractors up to 250 hp.


Cultivator MASTER SGC/ SQ

Kongskilde Vibro Master type SGC is a classic S-tine cultivator suitable for all soil conditions. All Kongskilde cultivators are equipped with vibrating tines. Due to vibration sidewards, backwards and forwards, very intensive soil cultivation is achieved while maintaining the precisely set working depth.


Series 800 series soil cultivators

Kongskilde Series 800 cultivators offer features that are normally found only in larger one-two pass machines with the manoeuvrability of popular lighter cultivators.


Mounted cultivator GERMINATOR PRO

The concept behind the Germinator Pro cultivators is to offer a solution for creating a high-quality seedbed in ploughed conditions. The yield of the high value crops such as onions, beets, etc. directly depends on the seedbed preparation quality. The new Kongskilde Germinator Pro cultivator ensures optimal seedbed preparation only in one pass, providing excellent conditions for germination. A uniform seedbed ensures fast and even germination. Even crop growth makes it possible to apply better crop protection means in order to achieve high efficiency with low investment.


Mounted cultivator GERMINATOR SP

The Germinator cultivator makes it possible to prepare the ideal seedbed which, in turn, ensures fast and even germination. The basis for a good economic return is in the seedbed preparation. Only by selecting the right equipment for seedbed preparation, the full benefit of chemicals and fertilization can be achieved. This will result in higher yields and ultimately in a higher financial return. 


Mounted seedbed cultivator VIBRO MASTER 4000

Kongskilde Vibro Master 4000 is a heavy seedbed preparation cultivator mainly in ploughed soil conditions. It is equipped with heavy-duty Vibro S-tines, the working width is from 6.0 to 9.0 m for tractors up to 250 hp.