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Seed drills

Kongskilde targets the development of agricultural tasks` development. Soil, Grass & Feeders:  Soil preparation from stubble to harvest and optimized machine chain from field to muzzle. Kongskilde develops methods and equipment for soil cultivation and plant care.

Pneumatic FS seeder for inter-row sowing. It can be mounted to Delta Flex and Vibro Flex 7400 stubble cultivators. A correct inter-row sowing and cultivation have a number of advantages:

·         Maximum collection of nitrogen from the root zone

·         Structural effect of the soil layers as the dead roots leave vertical channels for water, oxygen and nutrients

·         A correctly established crop prevents weeds from developing due to lack of sunlight

·         It meets all requirements for plant growth

Seeding in combination with a stubble cultivator has the following advantages:

·         Field residues are mixed into the top layer

·         A seedbed is prepared by a cultivator with loose soil for the small seeds

·         The rear roller improves the germination

  PS 120 - 3.2 El PS 200 - 3.2 El PS 200 - 3.2 Hy PS 300 - 5.2 El PS 300 - 5.2 Hy
Seed hopper 120.0 l 200.0 l 200.0 l 300.0 l 300.0 l


EcoLine seeder
It is ideal for small and medium farms. The EcoLine seeder can be used either directly fitted to the tractor or in combination with a cultivator, as well as together with a vertical or horizontal harrow. Due to its lightweight nature, the EcoLine drill (3 m model weights only 499 kg) is particularly suitable for smaller tractors. The robust hopper serves also as a frame of the seed drill. Available row spacing: 10, 12, 13, 14 or 16 cm.

  EcoLine 250 EcoLine 300
Height 1.39 m 1.39 m
Hopper size 446.0 l 556.0 l
Transporta platums 2.50 m 3.00 m
Working width 2.50 m 3.00 m


KONGSKILDE ProfiLine seeder
A really universal and versatile seeder is ideal for professional farmers. ProfiLine working width is of 3.4 and 4.5 m, and the hopper volume is up to 1200 l, it is suitable for medium and large farms. The hopper is designed as a part of seeder’s frame to reduce its weight, while maintaining its strength and rigidity. Available row spacing: 10, 12, 13, 14 or 16 cm.

  ProfiLine 300 ProfiLine 400 ProfiLine 450
Height 1.46 m 1.46 m 1.46 m
Hopper size 741.0 l 1052.0 l 1201.0 l
Transportation width 3.12 m 4.19 m 4.69 m
Working width 3.00 m 4.00 m 4.50 m



A perfect seeder in combination with a seedbed preparation implement, the working width is of 3 and 4 m. As a hopper volume exceeds 1000 ltr (for a 4 m model), it is a great advantage ensuring high performance and labour productivity.

  MasterLine 300 MasterLine 400
Height 1.66 m 1.66 m
Seed hopper size 741.0 l 1052.0 l
Transportation width 3.00 m 4.00 m
Weight 815 kg 1025 kg
Working width 3.00 m 4.00 m